Take the first step to working with me and my team....

If you have been struggling to get your international teaching career off the ground, I can help.

For the last 30 years I have been teaching and traveling internationally and I have built up a wealth of experience.

I've also made many mistakes, before reaching the point now where I know exactly what to do to get an international teaching job, fast.

On the 20 minute call I will get to understand what your international teaching goals are, your main barrier to acheiving these goals and we will create a plan of action together.

So the first step to seeing how I can help your international teaching career get off the ground is to Book a Strategy call with me where we can discuss your goals.

Dr Michelle Commosioung

Chelsea Recruits - TEFL TYCOON

Here's a Few Other People Who Booked a Call..

During my strategy call with Dr Michelle, I told her about my dream to travel to Asia to teach. At the time, I was just finishing off my degree and wasn't sure the best way to get started. Dr Michelle help me put together a proper plan of action.

Nicholas Green

English Teacher - Thailand

What attracted me to Chelsea Recruits was the fact that they are teachers who have taught overseas for many years, and so they were able to give me first hand advice on how to go about preparing myself to become an international teacher.

Sarah Walker

English Teacher - China

Setting up my strategy call with Dr Commosioung was easy. We talked about the options open to me and what I needed to do to reach my goal of becoming an international teacher. She gave me a clear plan and put me on the right track to success.

Cheryl Edwards

English Teacher - Vietnam