How to Rapidly Get that International Teaching Job WITHOUT any hassle in as little as 90 Days

A simple system you can start TODAY even if you've never been a teacher before

Tuesday, 7th April 2020,  at 7:00 pm EST


What We Will Cover In This Live FREE Workshop...

  • SECRET #1

    Did you know that international teaching is one of the most lucrative careers to get into? Many international teachers save 100s, and some 1000s, of U$s per month. Allowing them to pay off debts, buy homes and cars, and go on luxurious vacations. We reveal what international teaching is all about, and highlight the hidden pros(...and pros) of becoming an international teacher. 

  • SECRET #2
    FACT: You do NOT need to already have a teaching qualification to become an international teacher. The truth is, you do NOT even need a degree to teach English overseas! In this webinar, we unveil the reality of who can become an international teacher and exactly what it takes to hold the coveted title. ​

  • SECRET #3
    The demand for English speaking teachers has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. At present, on an annual basis, there are more than 250,000 English teaching jobs - and this does not include subject teaching positions. We disclose the current hot spots for jobs, when to apply (since timing is key!), and how to apply for the fastest and best results.


      Chelsea Recruits

      International Teacher Recruitment Team

      Chelsea Recruits is the international teacher recruitment arm of Chelsea International Education LLC, a premium education and business management company, headquartered in Florida, USA.    


      Chelsea Recruits collaborates with exceptional international schools and education partners to provide teacher training programs, self development courses, and teaching jobs for English language (TEFL) and subject teachers (math, science, history, economics, etc.).


      With our expertise in the education industry, technological applications and personalized human touch, we provide accredited international teacher training, recruitment, selection, and work placement. All geared towards skyrocketing your success!

    Great workshop! Lots of useful tips on how to get a teaching position overseas without wasting lots of time and resources. The Chelsea team provided a clear road map of what to do and what to expect along the way. I'm looking forward to working with the team to prepare myself to teach overseas.

    Sara Fletcher

    I've been teaching primary school for 5 years. I've always wanted the opportunity to teach and travel, but I never knew how to get started, who to speak with, etc. This workshop was a goldmine of information and gave me tasks to focus on to reach my goal of quickly getting a great international teaching job. 

    Jermaine Cameron

    This workshop was very informative and gave me the courage to pursue an international teaching career, something that I'd been thinking about since graduating.

    Until I attended the workshop, I never realized just how many people teach overseas and all of the great job opportunities.

    Sami Mughal