Accredited International Teacher Training Course

This 140 hour TEFL TYCOON course is designed for people who are serious about learning to teach internationally and includes 20 hours of real-life practice teaching.

The Fastest Way to Learn, Train & Practice to Become an International Teacher

A Ready to Go Accredited International Teacher Training Course

TEFL TYCOON is a 140 hour accredited international teacher training course, that consists of more than 20 hours of "live" and interactive instruction from fully qualified college professors with many years of international teaching experience.


By the end of the TEFL TYCOON international teacher training course students will have the necessary skills and toolkit to confidently work in an international classroom setting.


TEFL TYCOON students gain access to:  

  • Over 20 hours of "live" and interactive instruction
  • Over 30 hours of video content
  • Over 10 hours of podcasts
  • And 20 hours of real-life teaching practice

This is a complete 11 week international teacher training program to get you to your goal of teaching overseas. Students get free updates so that they can keep up with the latest proven teaching strategies.


The course can be easily accessed via any device including a Laptop, Desktop Computer, Tablet or Cell Phone.


Importantly, the students get free lifetime job assistance.




The TEFL TYCOON accredited international teacher training course is suited for a wide range of individuals.


You do not need:

  1. to have a bachelor degree. Degree and non-degree holders are welcome.
  2. to be a native English speaker. Non-native English speakers can also become a TEFL TYCOON student, however you will need to pass an English proficiency test.
  3. to have formal teaching experience.

You do need:

  1. to be driven and committed to going through the TEFL TYCOON course
  2. to be focused, determined and goal-oriented to succeed
  3. to be passionate about becoming an international teacher

TEFL TYCOON takes the guess work out of international teaching and we make it easy and painless to get the necessary skills, experience and certification to get that your international teaching job!

Introducing the accredited TEFL TYCOON: International Teacher Training Program

The Best Way to Get Your International Teacher Training Certification, Experience and Job!

When you buy the TEFL TYCOON: International Teacher Training course you will get instant access to the student portal. The interface of the portal is clean and simple, and easy to navigate.

The core TEFL TYCOON course consists of 9 modules. Each module contains 4-5 lessons, and each lesson contains a variety of learning materials including in-class and homework tasks. Depending on the lesson, the delivery mode could be "live" instructor-led training, video, podcast, download or demo.


The TEFL TYCOON course was designed by teachers for teachers, and it is geared to being as hands-on and real-world classroom focused as possible. With the main aim being to ensure the classroom preparedness and job readiness of our graduates.

  • 11 Week Training Course

    TEFL TYCOON is an 11 week international teacher training course designed to quickly get you to your goal of teaching overseas. It's a no nonsense, compact, fully accredited course with teaching practice. 

  • Practice Training

    Including 20 hours of TEFL teaching practice, the TEFL TYCOON international training course ensures that its graduates are suitably equipped to enter into any international classroom setting.

  • "Live" & Interactive

    Our experienced TEFL instructors are available to give you the guidance you need as a TEFL student. You can freely interact with them during your "live" training sessions, and via the Facebook group.

  • Lifetime Job Assistance

    TEFL TYCOON graduates are secure in the knowledge that they will continue to receive ongoing job support throughout their international teaching career and beyond.

What I would say to anyone seeking a good TEFL program is...

I am so pleased that I bought the course when I did and got my international teaching certificate with them. I really learned "how" to teach ESL students, like the techniques and tools of the trade. By the end of the course, I felt confident about my skills as an international teacher. I'm currently working in China and loving every minute of it. 

Sarah Walker

TEFL TYCOON - Graduate

The complete TEFL training program to help you reach your international teaching goals...

Take a quick tour around the TEFL TYCOON:

International Teacher Training Program...

Module 1:

Learning to Teach

Getting Started

In this module we ask: what does it mean to teach ESL students?

  •  Teaching Philosophies
  •  Learning Styles
  •  Teaching Styles
  •  Teacher Toolkit I: Basics

Module 2:

How to Teach Grammar

The focus of this module is how to teach English grammar.

  •  Basic Grammar
  •  Intermediate Grammar
  •  Advanced Grammar
  •  Grammar Overview

Module 3:

How to Teach Speaking 

This module focuses on how to teach speaking skills.

  •  Encouraging Speaking
  •  Pronunciation & Phonology
  •  Articulation & Enunciation
  •  Practical Exercises

Module 4:

How to Teach Listening

This module focuses on how to teach listening skills.

  •  Good Listening Skills
  •  Listening & Speaking
  •  Skills Assessment
  •  Building Confidence
  •  Practical Exercises 

Module 5:

Teaching Reading & Writing

This module focuses on how to teach reading and writing skills.

  •  Finding the Level
  •  Reading Strategies
  •  Developing Comprehension
  •  ESL Writing Skills
  •  Practical Exercises

Module 6: 

Teacher Toolkit II: Planning

In this module we focus on how to do teacher planning.

  •  Scheme of Work
  •  Lesson Planning
  •  Course Books & Materials 
  •  Teaching Aids
  •  Evaluation & Testing

Module 7:

Teacher Toolkit III: Management

This module focuses on how to manage the ESL classroom.

  •  Classroom Management
  •  Student-Focused Learning
  •  Individual vs Pair
  •  Group Work
  •  Navigating Large Classes 

Module 8:

Subject Teaching to ESL Students

This module looks at how to teach a subject to ESL students

  • Subject Vs Language  Knowledge
  • Language in Context
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Evaluation and Testing

Module 9: 

Technology in the ESL Classroom

In this module we look at ways 

to use technologies in teaching.

  •  Interactive Learning
  •  Edutainment
  •  Classroom Games
  •  Videos & Podcasts
  •  Digital Learning Materials

140 hrs

Instruction & Teaching Practice


Bonus Digital



Teacher Training Modules



Support Group

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Meet One of Our Instructors

Graham Sanders

A TEFL TYCOON Instructor


With more than 8 years of TEFL teaching and TEFL teacher training experience, Graham has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you reach your TEFL teacher training goals.

  • TEFL "Live" and Interactive Instruction 

  • Teaches College Level ESOL and English Writing Skills

  • International TEFL Teacher in North Africa and Asia

  • Bachelors in English Major with Linguistics Minor 

  • Masters in English and Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

Is the course interactive and can I ask questions to the instructor?

Absolutely! The TEFL TYCOON course includes more than 20 hours of "live" and interactive college professor instruction-led classes. Additionally, the course includes exclusive membership to the TEFL TYCOON private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Do I have to use a desktop computer to watch the training? 

You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.